Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye, second year!

So, i saw this and knew i had to include it in an entry (and then a billion other blogs did before i decided to sit down and write this):

1,500 undergrad students in Belgium set out to break the world record for Mentos-in-Coke explosions. And they did (while resembling members of a cult). I can't seem to embed the wonderful video, so watch it here.

I wish we had celebrated the end of second year with a sticky Coke fight.

Monday, April 21, 2008

i can see the beautiful weather from the library windows

Everyone with a sense of humour should check out Elephantitis of the Mind, a webcomic by Asher Sarlin. His comics made studying for exams very hard yesterday. Unfortunately, he hasn't updated in forever (actually, for my academic future's sake that might be a blessing in disguise) but the archives go back all the way to 2004, so there's a lot to look at. Particularly great for anyone with exams coming up, urgent priorities, and/or deadlines. Here are a couple of my favourites (oh man, it's so hard to choose just a couple):
and this one, titled "now here is a story all about how..."

Melodrama is quite nice sometimes. Like someone saying, "think I wanna die if you don't stay" or "will you ever know what you do to me?" It's so pathetic and pleading and vulnerable and such an extreme that it's actually kind of endearing. Imagine someone saying that to you so casually like that's just the way it is and how can i say it more plainly. So you just have to accept it.
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Think I Wanna Die [mp3]

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some things that i shouldn't keep all to myself:

David Horvitz has a bunch of things for sale that he will mail you. If you click on the link and read on (and you should), you'll get past what initially seems like egotism and find him endearing and creative and someone looking to escape. Also, he's an artist and all of this is art and that puts a smile on my face. Of course, i'm in no financial position to go donating to some of his cooler pursuits, but i certainly wish i were. My favourite:

If you give me $250 I will read the Little Prince in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in the middle of a work day. I will send you photograph documentation of this. (or: if you give me $1000 I will buy as many copies of the Little Prince as I can and give them away to people leaving the New York Stock Exchange after a days work)

Andrea Dezsö's subversive embroidery for her "Lessons From My Mother" series is pretty amazing. Each embroidered sheet and canvas is a particular familial superstition, accompanied by an illustration. Some of them are weird, some ridiculous, some sad. Click on all 7 links on the left (after the word 'Embroidery') and check them all out. Unfortunately, some of my favourite ones are the least legible in the photos. But just so know, the one on page 6, bottom middle is my favourite. It says, "My mother claimed that a woman's legs are so strong that no man can separate them if she doesn't let him."

Bell is a band that consists of Moscow-born Olga Bell and some friends. The music is pretty and sweeping and starts with some whispering before bursting into a bunch of sound and light. "On our way, on our way, on our way to/build a tower so the tallest peak can reach you/it'll take us hours, hours, hours." I am specifically talking about "Chunk," which you should right-click & save-as here:
Bell - Chunk [mp3]

Also: a picture of George Dubya made entirely out of porn magazine cut-outs. Created by Jonathan Yeo.