Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

Robin Bowman is a photojournalist who spent four years traveling in the states interviewing and photographing teenagers. Then she compiled all 414 portraits into one book called It's Complicated: The American Teenager. NPR posted a slideshow of 17 of the portraits and they're amazing. People can be so poignant. Okay, I am obsessed with teenage culture, but i think this is something everyone would like. Check it out here.

I'm not going to post about every threadless shirt i might like, but this one has to be brought to everyone's attention. I mean, it's a cat with a WHALE in its mouth. And it's called -- get this -- "I Got Another Whale." Oh!!! Hahaha!!! No, but seriously... this shirt is very funny with zero fancy stuff. And, if you can believe it, it used to be even cooler when it was just an idea. Wrap-around cat? Oh man. This shirt helped me make the important distinction between the idea of cats (i love cat ideas) and actual cats (ugh yuck).

Apparently, BBC does an April Fool's joke every year. 2008's is amazing:


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Asher Sarlin (of Elephantitis of the Mind, mentioned in a post previously) made some hilarious Mother's Day cards a while back and if you're like me (incredibly last-minute and of the thought that $4.99 cards from Hallmark are a complete and utter waste of money) you will love them and print one out or make your own.

Find them here.

I probably should have posted this earlier in the week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Work was incredibly boring,

So i spent almost the entire 9 hours surfing the net.
I bring gifts:

If my wanderlust were as strong as it was earlier this year (or last summer!), looking at Michael Hughes' "Souvenirs" flickr set would most likely make me teary. But right now it just leaves me in awe. He uses little souvenirs (postcards, pencil cases, models, magnets, mugs, etc.) to displace actual buildings or scenery in all these amazing foreign places. Up above is this Eiffel Tower coloured model from which the lowest part fell off -- incredible. One more (and then you should go check out the album for yourself):

the Piazza in Sienna, Italy

Mr. Big - To Be With You [mp3]
Sounds like summer to me. Well, okay... summer of '92. But, more recently (this year!), Andrew Spencer made some "To Be With You" dance mixes that sound pretty awesome, the best of which you can listen to here. Incidentally, i miss Alfie's.

A really cool graffiti find in the UK: I am free.

Pretty productive day at work.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friendship bracelets this summer

Some lovely lovely lovely things:

1. Sarah Illenberger

Uh, yeah. Amazing.

2. Stranger photos. Maybe i'll do it one day this summer.

3. Discovery Channel commercial:

4. Pierre the penguin gets a wet suit made for him. Pierre was balding and his lack of feathers made him cold and unable to swim with his penguin friends. He would just shiver on the sidelines.

The other penguins accepted him, in case you were wondering (people were concerned they wouldn't).

"There are no plans to make him a matching surf board."

Oh, ha!

Enjoy, friends :)