Wednesday, October 22, 2008

life dream #1 and a few other things

We (some friends) move to Europe for a year. Where? I don't know, maybe someplace in Spain, by the water. The sun sets. The sun rises. Mostly, though, the sun sets because we're asleep when the sun rises. In the morning, as the sun is rising and we sleep, the mesh curtain over the bedroom window (or door to a balcony!) billows because there is a breeze from the water and of course the window is always open because of the fresh sea air. Everything is labeled in Spanish. In the evening, after bongo drums and campfires, we walk back home along the shore, sandels in hand and hair in messy ponytails or unevenly flattened. Hair that we'll find is full of sand and fire ashes and clumsy singing when we finally take a shower the next morning. When we first move there, we're some kind of tripod; we are fluent in the same language and we giggle about things in ways that tripods do. That second week, our rooms still bare and luggage spitting out clothes, we go skinny-dipping at night. We scream about our rum-tinged liberation. But after a couple months (of writing in coffeeshops and painting with easels set up by the water and picking wildflowers for hair accessories), we start to become more independent of one another. We're not drifting apart, we just keep some things to ourselves. Everything changes just a little bit and then nothing is really the same. Not in a bad way, but in a quiet way. Because the writing is so organic and the art is sensual and the wildflowers turn into crowns. We're best friends but we're bodies, too. Sometimes we still walk back home along the shore together, but now we're more boisterous. 'We belong here, this is ours,' we think. So we throw a half-empty bottle into the sea to prove it. We stumble over our feet and lean on each other for balance. The sun rises and sets and rises and the curtain billows and the tub fills up with sand every shower. We never make our beds.

I recommend watching this video starring Emile Hirsch. It's perfectly pretty ('cause he's perfectly pretty?).

1. I'd like to learn how to skateboard.
2. I want to figure out how to dress like this or like this. Preferably both. And also, peruse HEL LOOKS because it is amazing and inspiring when you get dressed every morning by peeling something off the carpet and checking to make sure it's not smelly.
3. I'm drinking at least one cup/travel mug of tea a day.  With honey.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Redemption? Please?

Okay, so some people weren't pleased with my last post. And by 'some people' i mean my housemate Debra, of course. I stand by both videos, by the way. But i would like to redeem myself in her eyes because without her, i'd probably be left with three people reading this blog. Maybe two.

Nathan Fielder is very funny. There is evidence of this on his youtube channel. Also, he's friends with Levi MacDougall, who is the most funny, so you know Nathan is going to be great even before watching his stuff. Sometimes, Levi and Nathan combine their talents and create magic.

But their magic is not what i'm here to write about. I'm here to write about the following video of Nathan's that is so so so great (and hopefully very redeeming).

I award that video an internet crown. For being the best. The crown has 'best' spelled out in gems and valuable stones.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

let's just move to Europe, guys

Or maybe just L.A.