Saturday, August 2, 2008

Slipping Through The Years

Before i leave for a week of water trampoline, swimming with one of these, roasted marshmallows, some reading, wearing sunglasses, bingo, and maybe mosquitos, i thought i'd leave a post.

When i was in Israel, i went through my uncle's old photographs, which he had inherited from my grandma or grandpa (can't remember which). Like all vintage photographs, they're lovely and were swiftly scanned onto my laptop. The feeling i get when i look at these and have to reconcile who these people are now and who it seems they were then is probably not something you'll get from glancing at these, but they're still pretty cool.

my uncle

my mom and grandma visiting my uncle in the army
the whole fam.

my grandpa, brooding before both Ryan Atwood and my brother my grandpa (right) and a friend
my grandmother Sara, looking gorgeous.
(note her dress sleeve caught on the chair)
my uncle and mom (also known as Sailor Moon in Japan)
a little more grown up
(you can see my uncle turning into a rock star here)
(everyone thought my mom was Mongolian when she was younger because of her dark, dark hair and blue eyes)


Anonymous said...

how old was your mom?
she looks so cute!

Vladislava said...

the last photo was taken in 1975, which would make her 11

leisel said...

beautiful photos!

i had no idea mongolians had blue eyes though. that's interesting!