Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Redemption? Please?

Okay, so some people weren't pleased with my last post. And by 'some people' i mean my housemate Debra, of course. I stand by both videos, by the way. But i would like to redeem myself in her eyes because without her, i'd probably be left with three people reading this blog. Maybe two.

Nathan Fielder is very funny. There is evidence of this on his youtube channel. Also, he's friends with Levi MacDougall, who is the most funny, so you know Nathan is going to be great even before watching his stuff. Sometimes, Levi and Nathan combine their talents and create magic.

But their magic is not what i'm here to write about. I'm here to write about the following video of Nathan's that is so so so great (and hopefully very redeeming).

I award that video an internet crown. For being the best. The crown has 'best' spelled out in gems and valuable stones.


Anonymous said...

Okay okay...
I know you keep checking to see if there is a comment - so you see, i've wanted to torture you and make you think I never come on here anymore.
but that of course, is untrue.
you are redeemed in my eyes, I think Nathan Fielder is really cute.

you are the best, at blogs, and maybe at life too

Anonymous said...

p.s. I really liked the best spelt out in jewels commentary, it made me smile