Sunday, December 28, 2008

I could start my life all anew...

(credit: Bryan Dalton)

Girls, Boys, and Everyone in Between:

1. My New Year's Wishlist
- this hand-painted wooden comb (made by Irana Douer)
- the pug (didn't get one for Hanukkah, so we'll rollover)
- hand-painted/drawn shoes (also Irana)
- Capucine's delightful Amélie Jr. story to actually be made into a movie
- my very own encyclopedia
- oh! and a vintage leather satchel, please! (with backpack straps)

2. I will not rest until everyone has seen the following video.

3. Two and a Half Men was sued, you guys. Anything that brings us any number of steps closer to that show being taken off the air. I'll take the smallest of victories, please (for 500). There are obstacles and setbacks, of course (1, 2, 3). There always are. But i we can't give up. And I cannot spearhead this campaign myself, guys.

(Oh, and that reminds me: Deb, Dirty Sexy Money was canceled. My condolences.)

4. This is how my life usually is:
But maybe if i try, 2009 can be a bit like this:
(both pictures via 1001 rules for my unborn son)

The New Year is like this sweet, completely arbitrary, new beginning. And it can get overwhelming thinking about the coming year's potential. Anything could happen, right? All i want for you guys is a year of the best stuff. You know that.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on taking the leap

p.s. the real question is whether Dirt is cancelled, get back to me

Vladislava said...

yes, Dirt is also cancelled.